About us

About Our Photographer

Wes Love


We are a full-time professional photography company based on the West Coast of the U.S.A..   We specialize in creating high-end photographic art for fashion,  athletes, boudoir, events, high school seniors and for busy families., as well as other occasions.

 My most precious possessions are photographs. Images of my childhood, of our wedding day, of our children…  Photographs from the days when our kids were just chubby little bundles of laughter hang on my walls, and they tell the story of my family. The story of where we come from. The story of our love for each other,  the story of how our love has grown through the years., and most important, the story of who we are!  

As a photographer, I photograph my clients— not just for them— but for their grand babies. For the ones that will one day hold that large leather photo album or in the future view your digital gallery and see the place where their story began.

Together, we will capture moments that (finally) are as beautiful and vivid as your memories. The art we create together will grow more precious over time. It will have a near-magical ability to sweep you back through the years to re-experience precious moments of a life shared.

I am a father, a husband, a best-friend and a believer. I love to share my talent for photography by serving and blessing my clients with images they can enjoy, treasure, share and pass on.